71st Professional Agricultural Workers Conference

Theme: "Women and Youth: Changing the Landscape of Agriculture"

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  • Agricultural Game Changers: Leaders in the Agricultural Community
  • Cooperatives: Survival Strategies for Limited-Resource, Socially Disadvantaged Farmers
  • Food Entrepreneurship: Creating Economic Opportunities Through Food
  • Food Safety and Farm Certification: A Changing Paradigm
  • Micro Loans: The Key to Revitalizing Small Businesses in Rural Communities
  • The Farm Bill: Implications for the Future
  • The Matching Game: A 50 Year Status Report for State and Federal Funds to 1890 Institutions
  • The USDA Strike Force Initiative: Differences in Operations and Impacts
  • Urban Forestry: The Economic, Social, and Environmental Benefits
  • Veterans and Agriculture: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Using Technology to Better Serve Universities, Farmers, Youth, and Communities